Mobile Services (we come to you)

When Pigs Fly is going Mobile!! 
What does this mean? 
It means we will bring the party to YOU! 
Of course we will still have our studio available for all Private and Open workshops, but because projects have greatly shifted from our traditional standard signs with stencils to more laser-cut LIGHTER wood designs, we are able to bring our set up to you. 
We can come to your home, community center, church or business office. 
Just give us a call and we'll set it up. 
We will have a variety of projects that your guest can choose from. 
We will bring ALL the supplies to finish your special home decor. 
Our only requirement is you need to have a minimum of 7 people and be local to the Fredericksburg area. 
 Go to our website and check out our Private workshop dates, or call to book a weekday morning, afternoon or ask about a date you don't see.
A few notes:
1.We are not available Mondays or Tuesdays for workshops- that's when we build our projects for the week.
2. You must book at least 2 weeks before your party and your deadline for all guests to order will be 7 days before your event.
3. You will need to have tables, table coverings, and space for all your guests (we do not bring tables or seating)
4. Once you have booked your date we will send you your own personal link for guests to choose their projects and pay in advance.
Thanks! Let's paint and party!