MARCH 2023 design choice options

We build all projects for each person so once you've placed your order it is final. Put the complete design code (it's under each design) when you register.  When you come to class you can paint or stain your project however you would like! 

DOOR HANGERS- $59- 18".  These are 3D wood cut outs.Paint or stain how you want. Choose from  the design options.

TIERED TRAY by itself ($60)(Approx 12x12 on the bottom-9x9 at the top-14"tall)

Themed Decor Kit by itself ($48)-please let us know which Theme Kit design you want in the design box

Bundle Special- Make a Tiered Tray  with one of the DECOR KITS for $89! -Please let us know which Theme decor kit you want in the design box.

PLANT TRIO signs- $55- you will get three 12x7 signs. 3D wood cut outs. Choose from Flowers, Herbs or Cactus


14X5X5 Box. Choose one design from any of the Bathroom or Kitchen Box designs (one side only). These hold 3 quart mason jars OR 3 toilet paper rolls
TEA LIGHT TRIO-$55- You will receive 3 Wood pieces- 10", 8" and 6"- Flickering LED lights included. Paint or stain how you want! Pick your stencil group.
CARROT TRIO-$48 - Free standing- approx. 8" tall
SUCCULENT GROUP- $48- group of four- free standing, approx 5" tall
ROUND BEADBOARD WITH CUT OUT WOOD SHAPE-$55- 15" bead board with cut out wooden SHAPE. Rope to hang included. .Paint or stain how you want! Choose your shape or initial.
Plank Wall signs-$60- 24x16. Choose your stencil design.
MONOGRAM FRAMED SIGNS-$68- 30X16- Give us specifics for the 3D cut outs (name etc) Put MONO in the design box.