Private Workshops

Our Private Workshops allow groups to select a project, time and date that works for them!  Perfect for Birthdays, Bachelorette parties, Bridal Showers, Team Building, and more.

You can have up to 15 people in your party. You will need a minimum of 5 people to book a private party and will pay the first 5 fees to secure your spot. ($250) We do NOT hold dates unless you have paid your $250 starting fee. The hostess is only responsible for their first 5 so they will email us their projects and design choices by the deadline. They can find all the choices they can pick from in the Personal Link you will receive. If they choose a project more than the $50 you paid to sign them up, they can pay the balance when they show up for class. Everyone else who will be adding onto your class can go to your Personal link and sign up there.

Only ONE Project per person.

Must be 18yrs (unless approved by admin. Call for info)

Private parties need to be booked no shorter than  2 weeks ahead of time. Since we build and and premake each design, the deadline for added people to your group is 7 days before the date of your party. Click here for private workshops dates and times.