When Pigs Fly Decor

This is NOT a workshop. I am currently painting pet portraits on canvas! My style is funky with a bit of extra color with an artsy feel.

What I would need from you is a CLEAR picture of your pet(s). I'm pretty much a great copy cat so I can only paint what I see, so whichever pose and expression you send me is what will get painted. I usually crop to make it a head shot.

My style is also to alter the background- I love bright colors however, I can change it up by request.

You might want to contact me first to show me pictures so I know if it's something I can work with. I can then also let you know which option to purchase.

Prices depend on the size of portraits  and the number of pets on one canvas. The smallest I do is 9x12, but I prefer the 20x16 but I can fo bigger. Most of the ones pictures are 20x16.

Thank you so much for your business! Email me or message me on When Pigs Fly on Facebook if you have any questions!


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